About Us

In The Beginning... "There was Glass"

Cat making Dichroic Glass Pendants

Cat piecing together Dichroic Glass bits to be fused. 



This is Cat who is the  "CAT" in ArtZcat Creations. She has been making and selling jewelry since she was 9 years old. After taking a class in fused Dichroic glass, Cat started the company as the Career Module for her Girl Scout Gold Award. She was only 15 years old at the time.



This is Julie who is Cat's Mom. She also likes designing jewelry but has a special interest in metal clay and instruction. As Cat got older and entered college, Julie took on a larger role in the business. Julie handles most things now days but Cat still likes to putter around in the studios.

Our History


ArtZcat Creations is a business started by Catherine, aka "Cat", who loves making jewelry and spending time with her mother, Julie. Together, after taking classes in glass fusing, they knew they found their new love, making fused Dichroic glass jewelry. More classes and training led to interests in Fine Silver work and other metals such as bronze and copper with focus on the metal clays which could be fired in their kilns. As their technical skills grew so did their clientele and students. Through ArtZcat Creations handcrafted jewelry sales and metal clay instruction via Skype Cat and Julie found they could share their love of both their beautiful pieces of jewelry and the processes they use to produce them. With an emphasis on quality, one of a kind design, durable products made to last and instruction options that are both flexible and affordable, ArtZcat Creations customers learned their purchases make excellent keepsakes that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Our Philosophy

•Always do right by the materials and the client    

•Quality matters; make something that will last!    

•Offer value, whether it is in your product or in your classes


Music Artist, Brian Zircon says- 

"Julie- I am in LOVE with your work. The attention to detail in your pieces just blows me away.

When you told me how intricate the creation process for each piece is, I was amazed - I've been looking for pieces like this for years and been so disappointed by cheaper alternatives. I can pass this down to my kids, and know it will not fall apart before I get the chance. It's been a pleasure to perform with it on stage.

You're the best jewelry artisan I know. Thanks for always taking the time to make the pieces the way I have imagined them to be.

Consider me a loyal customer,

Brian Zircon